Friday, August 14, 2009

Health Condition: Going Haywire

If I were to tell a doctor / tabib the following, what could possibly be the diagnosis??

  • Every time I eat something, I feel like puking or umm… crapping? It’s coming out either end. (gosh, i know i’m disgusting, bear with me)
  • I think I’m suffering from this condition –> lactose intolerance. Every consumption of dairy-based products gives me laxative effect.
  • I feel a tingly, somewhat numb sensation on both arms.
  • Something is seriously wrong with the area behind my left knee, down my calves. It gets tensed and I experience cramp-like feeling way too often. Could it be due to wearing very flat footwear?

Hmm… Will they even take me seriously?
Probably I should get my heart checked too… I have a feeling it could be due to abnormal blood circulation.