Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fighter/Survivor, Am I?

Life always catches me when I least expect it….
Well, okay, in reality, I sorta anticipate it…
Arrgh, my gut feelings! Hate that it’s so accurate sometimes, wait, most of the times. So drama.


Disappointments, stress, frustrations, anger, sadness, headaches, heartaches… it’s part & parcel of life. When there are ‘UP’ moments, ‘DOWN’ moments will definitely tag along and show its ugly rear some day…


Had a tough time recently…
Sleep pattern got screwed again… and honestly, has been going on for almost 2 years already, on/off.

My mind’s messed up.
Thinking of too many issues that’s bothering me… my future, the decisions I’m about to make, my life going-ons… FML indeed sometimes.


Wish everything were simpler and straight forward.
Right now, am in the state of, quoting Rihanna’s Hatin’ In The Club, “… sad and blue”… Sigh. When is it gonna end?


Why the happy beginnings never last? Please bear with me… I know I’m talking in codes. Well, there are reasons of course. Unfortunately, I can never really be transparent. It’s a curse!


But worry not, I THINK/HOPE I still have that ounce of strength to persevere, stay strong and be a fighter/survivor! Just please, I wish upon the stars (and whatever things that I can wish upon on), that at least sometimes, things will come my way in a simpler, less complicating manner… Is that really too much to ask?


Crap…Tak mau further emo. I will stop here and strive for a better tomorrow.