Thursday, July 16, 2009

UCSI University 22nd Convocation


Link: UCSI University’s 22nd Convocation

Yes, I’m finally graduating… and this time, it’s gonna be OFFICIAL (^_^b). I’ll be receiving my B Sc (Hons) in Biotechnology! YAY!


convo_1stclassMy results…  
p/s: Ain’t trying to brag. Don’t get me wrong.


Haha, ain’t sure if my degree’s really going to be useful (in terms of application of what I’ve learned to what am I going to do in the near future).. but heck, I’m finally done with my degree studies. I can’t say I’m done with life as a student ‘coz I think I will return to studies sometimes in the future. Not soon, but eventually, probably. LOL, so many IFs and MAYBEs. Yes, I’m fickle minded.


Anyway, to my dear friends (MGSians, MBSians, etc) who mentioned they wanna come see me on that day, I guess I would advice you to come AFTER the official ceremony. Say around 12pm?? Anyway, we’ll keep in touch, updates via text messages k… unless you wanna come early, and watch the LIVE FEED @ AUDITORIUM / RECITAL HALL in UCSI Univerisity Main Campus, Block C Level 3. Ceremony starts from approximately 9am and should end by 1pm. See ya all there (^_^v)


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