Thursday, June 11, 2009


All my life… I have been surrounded with kids…babies to toddlers to primary school goers and yea, teenagers/tweens as well. Why? My mom’s a babysitter and generally, I love torturing being with kids too (^_^)

It’s the school holidays… This is the season where more kids drop by my house to pay my Ma/Pa a visit. Afterall, most of them have spent years in our crib during their younger years.


It’s so good/fun to see them again… some have really grown and outgrown me, in terms of height la. Well, yes, i know, that’s an easy feat. LOL.

Those that came by recently include the following… other than D-Jang and Aidan of course (see all pics below)!


DSC00112 D-Jang, who’s 2 this year (old pic). Still under my mom’s care.
Quiet but VERY cheeky. Baby of very few words. Diam-diam ubi berisi. Loves to bite/scratch ppl unfortunately. Common victim – Aidan. LOL


Aidan, who’s turning 3. Of Portuguese+Chinese parentage. Macho looking, what more with his shaven head hairstyle. But attitude wise, so opposite. Very gentle. And cries easily. But still cute. Haha. Can talk non-stop till it irritates the hell outta me. Esp when i’m on the phone. Haha.


DSC00182 IMG_2848

IMG_9344  IMG_9191

Brenda – 4 y/o. One of the most cheerful, smart and cheeky little girl we’ve ever babysat. Very cute and pretty. Lean and trendy (thanks to mom’s good looks and style as well). Loves to pose and talks alot too. Capable of having proper conversation with. Very animated too :)

bernice (1)

Aiyo, where’s Bernice? I miss her too. p/s: Bernice = Brenda’s lil sister.


IMG_2370  IMG_2372  IMG_2865

5 years old Desmond – the boy that never fails to make me laugh at his antics. Just look at the pictures above! He’s sooo  cute, funny, I stayed home (and not go to the office.. Sshssh) just to see him. Loves his elder bro, 10-year-old Damian too but too bad, he was still in Penang when Desmond & mom dropped by for a visit yesterday (10/6/2009). Indeed, a very smart and charming lil dude.


Hikaru, my half-Jap 13 y/o cousin, who my mom used to babysit was here too despite me hardly get to spend time with ‘coz i was busy at work! They (my other cousin, Sue Er and 3 aunts) were here (they’re from Penang) for a 3D2N trip but sigh… i think i only spend a total of 2 hours or so with them.

DSC02469  DSC00511

Cousins in Penang - Hikaru & Sue Er.


The last, but definitely not the least was Amanda/Jia Hui. This 13-year old girl (goodness, so big girl dy, and i remember how i used to take care of her when she was just a baby) visit us so often, she practically lives at our house. Every time she dropped by for a visit, she refuse to return home until night falls in. Hehe. So touched :) Sigh sorry.. no pics of her. Will put a mental note to snap pics with dear Jia Hui the next time she comes for a visit!


p/s: Yes, my house is almost like a nursery/day-care centre sorta thing. Me mom (and now my dad too ‘coz he’s retired so he’s free and he likes kids too) used to babysit 6 kids at one time – Audrey, Brenda, Emily, Kenny, D-Jang, Aidan. My parents = superhuman. You would think they have had enough of kids after having the four of us – My elder sisters Adeline & Maive, myself and mua bro, Tjun.