Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just Another Quickie

  • Finally, after months of growing out his fur… I have sent Shawtee for grooming again. And he’s looking so adorable!!

    p/s: Shawtee’s looking for a breeding partner. Preferably a Maltese / Toy Poodle. Any takers?? LOL. I’m serious btw. Drop comments / e-mail me to discuss further.

DSC00194 DSC00197 DSC00198

  • Thank you Nuffnang for the two (2) premier tix to Terminator: Salvation @ Cathay Cineleisure! So happy to be selected. Hopefully I’ll land my hands on the tix to Blood: The Last Vampire too. Haha, free movies, who don’t want right?

  • Movie Review: I’m slightly disappointed by the movie, expected more since I was such a fan of T2!! A lot of actions, but probably too much actions and not much of a proper story/plot. Or probably I just lost touch with the Terminator franchise. Sigh.. Even Christian Bale’s great looks and athletic body doesn’t cut it for me this time around. Sam Worthington as Marcus Wright even outshone him in some scenes I’ll say. Well, kudos to him… Hmm, i felt extremely tired at the end of the movie. Probably ‘coz too many things were going on. I was confused to a point, feeling extremely exhausted (prolly due to lack of sleep, but…). Thank goodness I had a great company (Thanx Jes) that night. Else, i might have fallen asleep due to exhaustion!


Lisa717 said...

wow~ u got the preview tickets o!! so nice eh!! congratz congratz!!!