Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Education & Employment Status

Haih... i just feel i need to explain/clarify the following status (-_-").


Save the fuss of explaining to SOME individuals when they ask me in person. As well as keep it as a journal post (to remember the chronology while it's still fresh in mua's mind)


Why fuss? Explaining to someone who is understanding or try to understand the situation is fine... Explaining to someone who doesn't know any better and make unjust comments about it is DOWN RIGHT IRRITATING... that, if hitting ppl is not an offence, i will have no doubts in doing so!



  • I've passed all my subjects for my degree course (Biotechnology @ UCSI) since end of April 2008.
  • From Nov 2007 - Dec 2008, i was carrying out my final year project/research in the midst of going for lectures, sitting for exams, carrying out university activities and ACTUALLY having a life in itself and do stuffs i like (and do not like).
    • Nov 2007: FYP Proposal Presentation
    • Dec 2007 - July 2008: FYP Research & Experimentation(Pharmacology Based) + Thesis Write Up & Submission
    • Dec 2008: VIVA Presentation (reads: Judging of FYP Research & Thesis
  • While all those hoo-haa were going on, i also carried out Co-Op 2 & Co-Op 3 (reads: 4-months worth internship) with Lembaga Getah Malaysia (LGM) in its RRIM Research Centre in Sungai Buloh from August 2008 - November 2008.


  • I have NOT applied for any Biotech-based jobs, in Malaysia or abroad.
  • Why? 
    Please note that from Nov 2007 - Dec 2008, the only holidays i get are from public holidays and on Sundays (when the university closes)!
    Therefore, I want...wait, I NEED A BREAK. Is that so much/wrong to ask for?? I have been putting 3 years of my life so focused in my studies... and unless u know what i've been through in life in university and my FYP experiences, you have NO RIGHTS to judge me for taking a break. If you're human, you too need time to rejuvenate!
  • And...technically, i'm NOT jobless or wasting time.
  • NOT JOBLESS because since December, i have been working HERE. Initially as a part-time instructor, and then officially, a temporary full-timer from February 1st 2009!
  • NOT WASTING TIME because...
    • I am still waiting for my FYP results (proposal & thesis) and the evaluation on my two internship terms.
    • Still waiting for the finalized class honours.
    • I have a life outside education and career.
    • I have personal goals to / yet to be achieved.
    • I am technically EMPLOYED, so of course there'll be works & tasks to be completed!

Nah there, stop judging me and what i'm doing with my life UNLESS you know any better. For once, please just listen to what I have to say and explain regarding the current situation I'm in before passing me one's-oh-so-constructive-'advices'!


And NO, I DON'T BLAME the current economic recession for my refusal to apply for any Biotech-based job. Instead, i am still pondering over whether should i further my studies. And if yes, HOW am i, independently gonna pay the fees , WHICH university/institute/country should i attempt for and of course, WHAT major?


Until i get all these cleared and YOU understand these, please don't say i'm just being plain lazy. I am not and I KNOW I AM NOT.


p/s: Am i angry? Definitely a bit. But i am more saddened by the thought that there are still so many out there whom just don't listen and try to put their feet in someone else's shoes.