Friday, September 19, 2008

Paperwork Grumbles & ....

A quick update...


  • Got back my 1st draft
  • Working on my 2nd draft with minimal constructive feedback - HEADACHE! Have to depend on my own again... no supervision whatsoever. WTF!! (p/s: 1st time using WTF instead of WTH in my blog, surprise surprise! Kenapalah he don't read my thesis properly and comment more so that i don't need to crack my head and strain my eyes going through each line for any mistake.....)
  • Wish to hand in my 2nd draft latest by 26th Sept so that i have a bit of time to compile and complete my thesis (FINAL DRAFT) for submission to examiners!
  • KP202 Co-Op report... due 2nd week of October. Hecticnya... and this post quite a challenge for me 'coz this time around, my report will be very Molecular! Totally not my expertise... feel like a total noob facing all this Molecular-Cell-Biology stuffs after not 'touching' on the subject for about a year plus!
  • On the other hand, i'm happy that i'm re-learning these MCB stuffs. The exposure... though real frustrating most of the times, it's invaluable.
  • Yes, i'm working (internship) but yet, i have essays to do. TWO in fact! One's on Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) and the other one's on Biological Nature of Latex! (-_-"). Interesting but difficult, although the titles may suggest otherwise.
  • Getting and feeling fatter by the day... "Thanx" to all the bingeing i do at work. Why binge? Food cures the following --> work stress / student stress / hungry / bored. Those or well, i simply love food. And the fact that Muthu launched "Ops Gemuk" ala "Operation Food & Poop" by Joshua Rayan Louis! *LOL* And the fact that i'm easily tempted!
  • Though food cures the above mentioned, i'm feeling lethargic 'coz i've been inactive for so long (except the cycling i had in Tmn Pertanian which was a good workout) and i just can't stand it anymore! I NEED TO TRAVEL! Or indulge in some kinda OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES! If my "inactivity" lasts till December, i'm sure, i will eventually be so lazy to even get out of the house for these activities and just stick my butt to the couch and watch TV! So, it's either travel/trips or just sleep all day long to rejuvenate myself!
  • Aiyo, entah i'm heading where with this post la but since Muthu call me to update this blog for the sake of updating, so here i am!
Life seems to be failing me in terms of my 'journey to a better and secured future'! So unfair! Really BAB1!

The only things that can make me smile anyday, anytime is my Shawtee / Shorty! Love my pup! And yeah, funny intelligent kids in my hse!


Signing off.... BAH!