Sunday, June 8, 2008

Really Kan Cheong! Really Funny!

Have you been watching 8tv's latest game show??

What? You don't know what is it?
Boy, you've been missing out on all the 'kan cheong' moments and definitely FUNNY moments!


[Click on the image above to watch Kan Cheong Kitchen on 8tv's Catch Up TV!]

Hosted by my fave 8tv duo - Phat Fabes & Rina Omar!

A very old picture of me with Rina & Phat Fabes, taken during the finale of Malaysian Idol 2

So, if you enjoy watching a cook who can't cook directing the cannot-cook to cook, (?? confused ??), and laughing at their antics like me, make sure you tune into this game show every week... on TV (Fridays, 9.30pm @ 8tv) or online (^_^)

A preview of Episode 4... featuring an ex-UCSI student, current UCSI employee... Prakash Daniel trying to cook PENANG CHAR HOR FUN! How bad (or well) do you think he did? Go to the main site and watch the full episode *winks*