Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Media Events

Last week, on Friday (30th May)... i attended another media event, courtesy of Nuffnang. This time around, it was the media launch of the local online music portal!

The organisers put on a concert of sort... Supergig '08, held at the vicinity of Bukit Jalil National Stadium, comprising local artistes such as,
  • Meet Uncle Hussein, (personal recommendation: the very-famous "Lagu Untuk Mu")
  • Estranged, (recently very famous for "Itu Kamu")
  • Butterfingers (ain't too sure about the title... but i think it's "Kembalilah", can be heard on among others),
  • Nora (mentor) and Nabil (protege) of Mentor TV3 Fame,
  • Karen Kong... and best of all....
  • Ella!!! - The local Queen of Rock!
and hosted by Cheryl Samad (8tv's Ghost fame... among others) and Awal (host of 8tv's One In A Million)!

The stage - pretty impressive hor? But it was also set up for TV3's Jom Heboh Carnival la...

This concert, of course, it's not everyone's cup of tea but thankfully, i didn't mind it too much... 'coz thank goodness, i still can tell who's who in the local scene. I thought i would just bring my two friends in then leave... but i ended up stayed on for like 2 hours! The ones that personally rocked for me tonight... were of course Meet Uncle Hussein, and Ella! The crowd really sang with them... Estranged's Itu Kamu did pretty well with the crowd too (^_^) Given the opportunity, i will definitely watch these acts live again... but maybe with a better variety of artistes and not juz only cater to a single type of audience. Other than that, it was also a needed break in my current daily routine.

I received another invite today... this time around, to....

F&N Freestylz Grand Finals

Unfortunately, i can't make it to this one. Arrgh... there goes my free entertainment, free street art demonstration, free dinner with the guests for the event, free art workshop (2moro @ 3.15, CM), games and MANY MANY MORE! Maybe even an interview with one of the local entertainers! K... i know, it's no big deal... but....*sulk* Why??? I can't attend...because,

Two Reasons
  1. I've got to work during the weekends from early morning till afternoon.
  2. I've got a wedding dinner to attend this Sat
Bummer bummer! Anyway... dear 'high' ppl of Nuffnang... dun stop the invites coming my way! I promise i will fulfill my call - 'bloggers on duty' whenever i can!

p/s: Don't ask me why... despite me being busy with FYP & thesis, i still wanna 'go out'! Too many reasons to be listed... and i'm lazy to repeat myself. Ciaoz!