Saturday, May 24, 2008

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by Suthesh

*this is back dated*


  • Currently - Watching Malaysia's Women Team on action in Uber Cup 2008, against South Korea!
  • Current time - 9.39pm.
  • Playing - Music? Nothing. Imagination --> Badminton in my head.
  • Pending - Final Year Project & Thesis (ARRGH!! *pulls hair*).
  • What's new? – Nothing.
  • Real name – Lim May Szin.
  • Nickname - Mayz, Shorty, and the likes...
  • Married - I wished... to a filthy rich man so that i need not care about my future - financially.
  • Male/Female - XX.
  • High school - Senior Methodist Girls' School, Kuala Lumpur (Sr. MGSKL).
  • College - University College Sedaya International (UCSI).
  • Are you a health freak? - 50-50.
  • Do you have a crush on someone? – Unfortunately, not at the moment. HONEST! Unless being attracted to hunks on the road is considered a crush!
  • Do you like yourself? - Yup but of course, there are lots of room for improvement.


  • Surgery - Flushing of oocytes from goats during my internship at University Malaya's Animal Biotechnology Embryology Laboratory.
  • Person you see in the morning - Mom and kids my mom babysits... Kids Count: 6 (Emily, Kenny, Yan, Audrey, D.Jang, Bernice) i know... it's a handful!
  • Award – Gold Trophy for some event during my kindergarten's Sports Day.
  • Sports you join in – Badminton.
  • Vacation - Outbound : South Korea, Inbound : Penang maybe? since it's my mom's hometown.
  • Concert - LINKIN PARK!!!
  • Drink - Milk / H2O.
  • I'm about to – reply a text message.
  • Your future - is very unpredictable.
  • Want kids - Sure.
  • Want to get married – Sure, if i meet the right life partner.
  • Careers in mind – No Comment (seriously not in the mood to talk about this aspect of life right now...)

Which is better?

  • Lips or Eyes - Eyes.
  • Hugs or Kisses - Kisses.
  • Shorter or Taller - Since i'm short... i'll say SHORT then.
  • Romantic or Spontaneous - Can i choose both? Can't decide le... A bit of both is great!
  • Sensitive or Loud – Sensitive.
  • Troublemaker or Hesitant? - Troublemaker... haha!

Have you ever,

  • Kissed a stranger – umm... not that i can remember.
  • Drank bubbles - ?? yes i guess.
  • Carbonated drinks - what with carbonated drinks? drink it? sure thing.
  • Ran away from home - Sorta! I 'ran' to my grandma's.
  • Liked someone younger – Yup.
  • Broke someone's heart - I don't know... maybe yes, maybe not.
  • Been arrested - Nope. I'm pretty good at 'escaping'.
  • Cried when someone died – Of course!

Do you believe in,

  • Yourself – Yes.
  • Angels - Yup.. i believe everyone has a guardian angel.
  • Is there someone you want to be with right now? – Urr... right at this moment - no. It's my "me" time of the day.

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Yip Seng87 said...

Really?? Lol!!Bt hw you know is me? Then u must help me generate mine too!! wakaka

Mayz said...

from Nuffnang's account... there's this "Referrer" section right. There will show how many traffic were directed to my blog from yours ;)

Yip Seng87 said...

ooo. ya wor!!! Sei lor!!! Too many times dy!!!lol