Saturday, May 17, 2008

Malaysia vs China *updated*

If you're home tomorrow, make sure you tune into Astro Channel 816 for....






Lee Chong Wei beat Lin Dan (21-12, 21-14)
Koo Kien Keat / Tan Boon Heong lost to Cai Yun / Fu Haifeng (16-21, 17-21)
Wong Choong Hann lost to Bao Chunlai (18-21, 7-21)
M. Zakry Abd. Latif / M. Fairuzizuan M. Tazari beat Xie Zhongbo / Guo Zhendong (21-17, 21-15)
M. Hafiz Hashim lost to Chen Jin (12-21, 16-21)

M'sia vs China
2 - 3

*my view*
I had to watch the repeats (after knowing the outcome) 'coz i wasn't home.
Whatever my comments below, i AM STILL PROUD of our country's achievement in this TUC 2008. It's one of the squad's best performance ever in recent years. (^_^)

I was very proud of Chong Wei's game. FLAWLESS. If he kept improving from this level, an Olympic medal is definitely not out of question! Lin Dan? He was simply uncoordinated and uncomfortable today. Totally not his day.

Koo/Tan... i'm divided. I saw how well Koo played all this while in this installment thus far, i even said he is the most outstanding one (when he partnered Tan Fook in the match against Japan!)... Still think he is... but the errors he made during the 1st set against Cai / Fu was simply devastating... Hmm, i shall not elaborate more on this. I'm still a fan of Koo's. Tan, he's amazingly calm and confident for a 20 year old. I salute him. BUT in this game, he too was simply not himself. His smashes just weren't working! Sigh. I wished they could have secured the 2nd set and force a rubber. *Credits still goes to Cai/Fu for their positive attitude despite being down by 1 and for their great play*

Choong Hann was actually very good in 1st set. Crafty play and all... the scores were very tight too. But goodness, do not ask me what happened in 2nd set... my jaw is still dropped! Haih... I tell you, i still hold grudges against Park Hsung Hwan of S.Korea who 'in a way' forced Choong Hann out of badminton for more than half a year during the last Thomas Cup edition (or something else) because in that match, C.Hann injured his Archilles tendon......(-_-) On another note, Chunlai showed the most expression in today's match! And this is coming from someone who's been watching him play for like... throughout his whole badminton career! At least know, people can see that he really wants it (to win)! He was really "fired up" - quoting Gillian Clark, a famous player and definitely one of THE BEST COMMENTATOR out there besides my favourite, mother-of-all-badminton-commentators, John Burgess (if i'm not wrong... i recognizes his voice.. but never actually got his full name.. i juz know, John something... someone, help me on this!). Do not even get me started on Raymond Goh, a local anchorman, acting commentator, during the earlier rounds... I actually fell asleep, in front of the TV, supposedly watching badminton! This HAS NEVER HAPPENED before...I enjoy hearing him read the news and etc, but him commenting on badminton (and getting the info wrong) is definitely not my cup of tea!

Zakry / Fairuz have my most utmost respect! They were definitely the pair under the most pressure 'coz Malaysia was down 2-1! They played beautifully and most important of all, CONFIDENTLY. They took risks and it paid off! They show what it is meant by the word "ATTACK"! It was sooo exhilarating watching them play! Even Rexy jumped out of his chair at one point! Absolutely brilliant! I will hope to see more of them! Xie/Guo... i only got one thing to say. The ways they delay the game (at serve, intervals..) are SOOOO annoying! One too many a time. It's repulsive! p/s :: Zakry seems to have lost weight, A LOT of it. So fit dy!

Hafiz... i no longer understands him. I really wonder if he REALLY WANTS IT. Even the coaches are dumbfounded with his up & down performance... Are All England champions from Malaysia cursed?? First Hafiz.. now, even Koo-Tan seems to be unpredictable in their performances on court. I didn't manage to finish watching his match either 'coz i was already too tired... from exhaustion plus the effect of the flu meds i took. So i retired for the night before his match was over.

Anyone have any idea which web portal i could log into to catch the action LIVE on my mobile??? I need to keep myself updated (other than tuning into The Badminton Blog)... since tomorrow, at the above mentioned time, i'll be in the Royal Malaysian Police Forensic Laboratory in Batu 8 1/2 Cheras instead.


The field trip was fun. Exhausting for me, but nevertheless, fun AND quite pleasant. BUT... yes, a big BUT... i wished we would have visited MORE labs. They should have allowed us to start the field trip way earlier... you know, like a DAY trip.. instead of 2-to-3-HOURS trip. Hmmmph... Maybe next time! Will post links to pictures once uploaded. Tune in!

Sigh, i don't know whether i should be excited (^_^) (having the opportunity to check out the lab itself, which is seriously, a rare opportunity)... or be sad (-_-,) ('coz i can't catch the action - M'sia vs China in Thomas Cup '08 Semi-Finals)!!!