Thursday, April 3, 2008

When Things Go Wrong...

... They go HORRIBLY WRONG for me!

(maybe 'Down'lights are more appropriate)

  • My Final Year Project is seriously depressing me... No, i have not lost interest in my title. I am simply tired of useless and inefficient 'people' that surrounds me. Pls, stop being an all-talk-but-no-action kinda person. I'm seriously sick and tired of all these crap. I just seriously need one thing - RELIABILITY. Of wat? everything! Those who have heard of my complaints, will understand the predicament i'm in. Conclusion - one month's worth of lab work = WASTED / USELESS!
  • Remember this post [Sigh... Could It Get Any Worse?]? This time around, it's BAD! My room was FLOODED! Can you believe it?? Yes, i live in a terrace house, in KL somemore, and yet, i experience flood! Not in my garden or etc... but, yes, MY ROOM! My dear old YELLOW ROOM! See what the stupid-crazily-heavy rain had cause me... Gone baby gone... my valuables.. my memorabilia.. (-_-,) Spent my free day (yesterday 5pm - 4am, today's 10am - 2pm) 'saving' my room, my stuffs, not to mention all the drying and cleaning up involved.
My table's surface

The foot of my shelf

My soaked drawers slot

My cupboards... Tissue rolls were placed to absorb access water

One of my ruined items... Many more suffered the same consequences. Including my birthday cards, bank book, passport, watches!

  • FYP, room flooded, FINAL EXAMS (Bioprocess Engineering) @ 9th April!! Arrgh.. my initial plan of doing real revision from Wed night till D-Day has just gone awry! Life always caught me by surprise... by seriously interrupting my plans! WHY???
  • I got sick last Monday, while i was in Penang! This is the 2nd time i fall sick in Penang... maybe 'coz of the very packed schedule... or the weather! First time - during CNY. This time - after my cousin, Pey San's wedding (thank goodness it's after). Will talk about the wedding in future posts... 'coz i shall not mix my Ups with the Downs.
  • And lastly, but certainly not the least, my dear Baby (that's my Compaq laptop, see HERE)... latest update: 13 lines on my screen! *faints*k.o* Wait... i think as i'm typing this, line #14 & #15 just appeared! Arrgh.. somebody, buy me a new one!!
My poor 'Baby'

I think i am cursed... badly! I'm feeling so low, i felt like giving up and flee to somewhere else, far away from KL... just so i could escape the insanities in my life. Sometimes i wondered, what have i done in my past life for me to experience all this...??? K, i know i'm beginning to sound extremely depressed.. shall stop here.

p/s: I promise, more cheery / less emo posts soon.