Sunday, March 23, 2008

This Is LOVE

I've always been a fan of Nike's... My 1st real-good Nike-related experience was when i decided to join a street basketball challenge back in with my MGSKL gals. Two teams of three (me+Lingam+CK & Pyo+Ongee+YL) were formed. We registered ourselves for the Nike 3-on-3 Challenge at MABA prior to the competition day which was held at Bintang Walk / vicinity of Low Yat Plaza! And guess what, we actually named our team "J.D.I" ... short for Just Do It. (^_^)

Nike Signature

It is a well-known fact that i'm no big fan of shopping... I only shop when i know what i want to buy and where to get it from. Well, most of the time. And yes, i'm a pretty frugal shopper unless, i personally think it's worth it. And yes, to me, Nike is SOOO worth it. From shoes, to sports apparels, the bags, the bottles... NICE! Why? Aiya, don't ask... just buy one of Nike's products and u'll know what i mean. My biggest indulgence (still felt guilty at times)... spending RM 250 on a limited edition wind-runner-design zip-up hoodie! *sweat* Yes, i know it's expensive but this is LOVE! FInally bought it after my 5th or 6th, hey, at least i do think it over before i spend a huge amount of money on clothings!

Limited Edition Hoodie

Okie, enough about my indulgences... the purpose of this post is to tell you of my experience at the This is LOVE event organized by Nike Women, Malaysia! Read about it on The Star!

Event Info

This Is Love Series' Commercial

My friends and I left the 19th Intervarsity Biochemistry Seminar @ UTAR PJ few hours earlier so that we could make it in time for THIS event! Who wouldn't?!! Moreover, the goodie bags are only reserved for the first 500 at door!

The Goodie Bag

Reached the venue - APAC (located near Subang Airport) by 4pm and boy, was it raining cats and dogs. Thank goodness, the crowd wasn't big yet.

5pm... a crew member came over and announced that, the first 44 on the bus, will get to meet Che'Nelle [link] in person! Unfortunately, we decided to stay put at the line and go ahead with registration instead. Guess we're too tired from the seminar and too formally dressed at that point. Now i wondered if we made the wrong choice. Hehe... There might been more in store for us.

Me + Ali + Hesty + Uma @ 5pm ++

Events lined up for us, before the big workout session (with Fitness First instructors, Hannah Lo for kickboxing, body combat/jam, + partying with Che'nelle at the dancefloor, include:

The Sabah-born lass, Che'Nelle

The Masters of Ceremony
  • Try-It-Out
    • Pole Dancing
    • Futsal
    • Kickboxing
    • Rock Climbing
    • Boxing (using Nintendo Wii)
  • Be Girly
    • Manicure
    • Pedicure
    • Hairstyling
    • Makeover
  • Others
    • Offers from Fitness First
    • Nike Spring Collection 2008 Fashion Show
    • Nike College Fitness Challenge Finals

And this is us (see pic below) after 3-4 hours of going through a series of workout session with a team of fitness instructors from Fitness First (neat stuff), going through the kickboxing basics and a short choreography with Hannah Lo and her mates from Xtreme. All worked out and sweaty, but above all, very happy, feeling good and very satisfied with how the whole event turned out to be (^_^) It's so empowering, you can feel Girl Power in the air!
So, kudos to Nike Malaysia, for a very successfully-executed event!

Hesty + Uma + Ali + Me @ 10pm ++

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