Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tagged #2

by Kenny Choo

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Not in any particular order...
  1. I like to defy or challenge the norm (well, most of the time).
    I like to be different... even weird at times. I may feel like a fish out of water sometimes, but i'm okay with it. I rather be different (and unique *LOL*) than condoning to and be restricted to the norms of the society.

  2. I do not like to be too girly (so obvious) but...
    But i am still very much a girl, a female... physically, emotionally and mentally. I just don't like the idea of where girls must be the weaker sex (the fairer sex would be a better term), a girl must act a certain way and only do certain things, or must dress a certain way... bla bla bla. A tough girl can still be very feminine in many ways. I like massages, facial, spa, going to the salon... and given all-the-money-that-i-can-have... i will go for any -cure out there too i.e. manicure, pedicure. Who doesn't like to be pampered or treated like a princess, at least once in a while, right? Even guys opt for these treatments nowadays (^_^)

  3. I am not as "strong" as i may seem or perceived to be.
    Yes, i dare admit. I'm 'stronger' than some out there, be it physically or emotionally, but it does not mean i'm invincible. No one is. I'm after all, just like others, i'm human. I go through ups and downs like every other one out there too and i would love to share when i'm reaping and enjoying my 'ups'... and definitely appreciate help - a helping hand, someone who willing to listen, a shoulder to cry on, etc when i'm down and out.

  4. I am very sensitive... easily moved and touched. If i'm an actor, and a scene requires me to cry and do it on the instance, i'm pretty sure i can pull it off successfully.
    Aiya... if you know the real Mayz, i'm sure you'll know this by now. My tears of joy, sorrow, laughter, etc... can 'come out very fast'. I may be watching Oprah, drama series, movies, documentary, listening to stories or real-life encounters... so long it pulls a string on my heart... tears can roll down my cheeks effortlessly.

  5. Little things matters a lot to me.
    'Nuff said (^_^)

  6. I learn most of my stuffs through the idiot box (translation: my love, the TV)
    I still can't fathom why they called one-of-the-world's-greatest-invention-ever, the tv, an idiot box. Ok la, i understand... sometimes TV shows the stupidest thing ever and people get so influenced by it, but hey, Internet has worst!

    Not literally la of coz... (-_-")

  7. My level of endurance to spicy food is so high, i think i no longer know what's considered spicy, spicier, and spiciest.
    It's in the genes... Not just me, but my siblings, papa, mama, grandpa, grandma, aunty, uncles, cousins, etc... We all take and enjoy spicy foods. With exceptionally high endurance. *proud* Sometimes they are worse - they even packed bottles of chili paste (sambal belacan, blended chili padi, u name it, we have it) when they are traveling. At least i can survive a few weeks in other people's land without Malaysian chili recipe!

  8. I'm not too fancy of sweet stuffs like sweets and dessert... prefer spicy and sour 90% of the time.
    Other than chocolates (my biggest sweet indulgence), and maybe orange/lemon/lime/menthol - flavoured sweets... I hardly take any. Dessert? Very picky. Too sweet - cannot, not sweet enough - also cannot. So i usually stick to what i know i like best. Troublesome eh? Yeah... but usually i keep the fuss to myself la. I am still willing to try...

Conclusion --> Guess i just like to be contradicting! LOL! So typical female right... (*_*) Nvm, don't care. It's women's right... Wahaha!