Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale

Thanx to people at Nuffnang, i've secure 2 invites to the Malaysian Dreamgirl Finale. Details are as followed:

Malaysian Dreamgirl Grand Finale
Date: Tuesday, 29th April 2008
Time: 7pm-10pm
Venue: LG Floor Oval, 1 Utama
Dress: Fashionable or formal
Drinks and finger food will be served.
URL : http://www.malaysiandreamgirl.tv/

I'll be there with a friend of mine. For the rest who's going too, well see ya there. Though i'm somewhat an unknown /silent blogger in the blogosphere. Don't know what to wear la... I'm afraid i'll be either under- or over- dressed (-_-")

FYI, the top 3 finalists are as shown below and these 3 ladies will be contesting to be the first Malaysian Dreamgirl. To be honest, Dreamgirl is a very misleading title for the show. Malaysia Online Model-Search would be a more precise and appropriate term. Anyway... Check out the photos of the Top 3 finalists (and other 9 girls) at The Gallery here.

Photos shown here are those taken of their White Summer Photoshoot Challenge. Haha, i find these series of photos simplest, yet most charming.

Hanis a.k.a. Datin a.k.a. Manis
(Datin... that's the nickname she's gotten from almost everyone, including the judges and host, Sazzy Falak)

a.k.a. The Tall Chinese Girl
(quoting Jimmy, one of the judges)

a.k.a. Girl-Next-Door
(she might look like one, but i don't think she's one actually)

My pick? Hopefully... in the above order.
1) Hanis,
2) Adeline,
3) Cindy.

Hanis does have the look, the body, the personality (though somewhat a bit too manja, but i think she's pretty genuine).

Adeline because she has all the potential just need to work on her face (everyone agrees on that.. she need to have more expression, after all, she wishes to be an actress... expression is crucial).

And Cindy, well, she said it herself, she don't need to win. She's actually joining for the exposure and i think she would actually wanna venture into something else than just modelling... so, let it be.

Anyway, whatever the outcome may be, i hope the Finale will be a success and i wish all the girls best of luck!

p/s: Given the choice, i would personally like Fiqa and Nadia to be contesting in the Finale... I choose Fiqa and Nadia... 'coz i am always somewhat more into short-haired models with chic look and attitude... or u know... simply appear "fierce" (doing the finger motion ala Miss J. Alexander of ANTM fame). Hahaha.




Simon Seow said...

Hi. Oh, your friends, were they the one that help me take pictures with Fiqa?

Mayz said...

Yeah, i'm pretty sure it's them. One chinese guy with Nikon, 2 indian guys, and 1 chinese girl. LOL

Anonymous said...

Fiqa... for teh win!

Darn missed the party.

Mayz said...

[iamyuanwu] : You should have been there! You'll have so many things to shoot then since u're into photography ;) Yes, i heart FIQA too!! She was so good that day!