Monday, March 3, 2008


I recommend...

8TV's Ghost, Every Sunday, 10.30pm

Theme Song "Masih Jua" by Douglas Lim & Chelsia Ng

(Episode 5 showing on 9/3/09)

  • Ghost a whodunit with a twist - a girl (Cheryl Samad as Eza) tries to solve the mystery behind the death of a famous movie star (Nazrudin Rahman as Zack Imran)- a star that she has always admired but hardly knows. So, why is she doing it? Is it because the ghost of the star she admires is telling her so? this part supernaturl thriller, part romantic comedy blends different elements for an explosive mix.
  • To catch Episode 1 - 4, go HERE

  • It's a local production. Quoting J Lo of, "Must Support Malaysia Products!".
  • It's produced/directed (i suddenly can't recall) by the infamous Ng Ping Ho!
  • It's good! Seriously. Thought the story of a ghost being able to interact with a human(s) is somewhat like that of "Ghost Whisperer" and "The Invisible".
  • The theme song is haunting... well, it is, in my opinion. It has the almost-similar effect to Misha Omar's Pulangkan, a soundtrack of Pontianak: Harum Sundal Malam, a horror movie by Shuhaimi Baba, starring Maya Karin.
  • If you had like/enjoy the following local production (note: the first 4 are from Ng Ping Ho), you should definitely give Ghost a chance: