Saturday, March 1, 2008

5 Friends Every Women Should Have... A Tribute to my Girlfriends

This post is influenced / inspired by an article [link] posted at!

Oprah Winfrey... My idol, my inspiration. One celebrity i really respect and adore.

Oprah Winfrey is one person i really look up to. Through her talk shows, The Oprah Winfrey Show, i've learn so much! She talks about everything and anything under the roof and make each show so inspiring or entertaining! From health issues, to life issues, to relationship ones, charity work, the hardships people in the world have to endure, and yes, of course, some of my all time fave topics - FOOD, entertainment, and travel! How i wish, one day, i'll be able to meet up with her IN PERSON *dreams*... Her shows have guide and helped me through many things.... Aiya, i shall stop talking about Oprah here. Save it for a future post(s). Hehehe...Back to the article...

According to the earlier mentioned write-up,

"Friends are family we choose for ourselves..."

So true! What say you?

So, which 5 friends every women should have??

    - The friend that always say something in the line of "Go for it"! The one who supports you all the time (or at least seems to be doing so.. heheh)!
    My uplifter friend --> Keren

    - Need i say more? The one that understands the way you travel, the way you like it... The one who does not mind accompanying you to almost anywhere... The one who shares the same kinda passion for traveling and outdoor adventures.
    My travel pal --> Lokey

    - Who doesn't need that someone to give you that 'wake up call' right?? The truth may be harsh, but it's definitely necessary and i'm thankful to have such friend(s)
    My 'wake up call' --> Pei Shin

    - Everyone needs a break every once in a while... and while i work hard, i definitely PLAY HARD too! Having a friend(s) while you're having a good time only adds to the fun!
    My fun gal --> Lu

    - "Friends need not be a carbon copy of yourself". "Opposites attract". Nuff said! Hehe.
    My 'the-one-that-can-complement/balances-my-characters' --> Yin Ling
* If you can find even one who embodies any of the characteristics that follow, you can consider yourself fortunate *

To my 5 dear gal pals,

Thanks for being such great buddies and sticking through 'thick & thin' with me all these years...
Lu... since we're 5,
Keren, Lokey, Yin Ling... since we're in Std 1,
Pei Shin... since Sr. MGSKL,
Each and every one of you have left deep imprints in my life, in your own unique ways!
I truly cherish it...

Although we may lead very different kinda lives now...
Living miles apart... in different cities, or different countries...
Me (in KL),
Keren (Seremban), Lokey (Perth) Lu (Semenyih), Pei Shin (Birmingham), and Yin Ling (Brisbane)...
In our journey to pursue greater heights in studies or career... in very different fields (Biotech, Med, Food Sc & Nutrition, International Business Management, Engineering, and Finance)...
One thing i know for sure is, despite all these differences,
We have at least ONE thing in common,
We are ... and We will be FRIENDS, FOR LIFE!

*suddenly in the mood for a sentimental post* dun ask me why* i'm unpredictable* grammar errors?!? just bear with me*


Shine said...

We are friends forever.. I miss all of you and all of you are parts of my life.Wait for me to come back and have more fun 0(^o^)o. Take care, hope to see you soon.

~Fi$hY~ said...

YES we'll be friends for life.. really miss you all and you gals are irreplaceable.. will never forget the ups and downs we been through together.. take care dear and i'll always support you!!