Friday, December 17, 2010

17 Again

17O: The ending of a beautiful journey... ended with a beautiful note. Little did I know, I was so silly for hoping for just a little bit more and was in for an ugly shock. One of the lowest moments of my life since then... Just wished things would get better soon. I want it to be. But if i'm the only one fighting, what's the use? I sure hope I'm not alone... but it seems to be so... the call is not in my hand...

17N: The departure of someone close had become a reality... no matter what i do, what i think, i can't change the reality that it has happened... at least the suffering ended. Hope it's a beautiful life-after.

17D: Wished it would be better but i guess luck is just not on my side... Ended up feeling feverish... and another bout of allergy attack, in the middle of the night which causes a bit of drama. Cause: Aspirin poisoning of severe toxicity level. Luckily it was just extreme swelling of my eyes and didn't go into an anaphylactic shock like it would in some cases.

What will be in store... in the next 17? I'll wait and see...