Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jenhan / Comedy Updates

From Jenhan...

Haro everybody,

Hope all is well on your end. Firstly, as you all might have read, my daddy had passed away a week ago and I would like to say thank you for your messages. I read every one of them and am very appreciative. He had passed away due to a heart attack. I'm happy he got to watch one of my shows which was the MACC (Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians) show back in October.

Anyways updates on upcoming shows:


TimeOut KL Comedy Thursday (1st July)
Half the year has passed, thankfully today on the 1st of July we need not welcome this 2nd half with vuvuzelas. No game tonight, But seeing it is the 1st Thursday of the month, there will be comedy!

I hope you realise by now that TimeOut Comedy Thursday is the only consistent comedy show in KL right now. It happens every 1st Thursday of every month. I have been missing for a couple of months and those who have sent messages, dont worry I will be back, and back I will be...TONIGHT. Come watch if you're around.

Link to event below.

Junji Delfino - Here I Am... Live! (15,16,17 July)
Junji is a very dear friend of mine and also one of Malaysia's top jazz singer. She sings alongside her husband David Gomes (one of Malaysia's top jazz keyboardist) and she has been so kind as to ask me to be a part of this celebration!

This show is in conjunction with her 50th birthday and she will be releasing an album as well. I will be there all nights, not sure what am I going to do but dont count on me singing okay. Probably an act or a 5-10 minute set. Regardless, please come for this as I am very sure you can appreciate the music. Link below.

7th JB Arts Festival: The Douglas & Jenhan Show (20,21 July in Johor Bahru)
Yes yes yall, I'll be heading to JB mid month. For those who are there or have friends there, do let them know about it and show some support :) They live so near to Singapore, they need help. Douglas Lim present as well. Links below.


MACC presents INTERNAL AFFAIR (24-28 August)
You heard it here first. The show is going to be called Internal Affairs. I dont want to give away too much from this show yet but I will tell you it is 100% new material from the previous show (MACC CNY Edition). I've been working on the posters and it is almost completed, I cant wait to show it!

Okay thats all I have for now. As shows come in, I'll be sure to put them in statuses. However, another way you see my upcoming shows is via Google Calendars. I will update them as details come in.

Thank you for bearing with another long note. Keep sending me messages and notes, I enjoy reading them as I have no friends outside the laptop.


My Upcoming Shows calendar

TimeOut Comedy Thursday July Show

Junji Delfino - Here I Am...Live!

7th JB Arts Festival: The Douglas & Jenhan Show

not yet.

Love and laughs,