Sunday, October 25, 2009

Adventures, Travels & Shows

I’m one that’s always seeking for new thrills in life! Guess I’m just scared of being in a boring / routine situation for too long. Need to add spice in life and try everything that I know I can / possibly handle =)

This past week, I’ve done…

The GX-5 Xtreme Swing @ Clarke Quay, Singapore

when I travelled down to Spore for work-related purposes. Manage to see Singapore in a more fun perspective. At least now I know our ‘neighbours’ much better! Pictures from the trip can be seen here
–> Biz Trip

Zorbing / Orbing @ Lake Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur

IMG_4820 The ZorbBall

For more photos, click HERE
For more information, google GAC Adventure or head on to

M.A.C.C.’s 1st EGM @ PJ Live Arts, Jaya One

The show was a great success! Though am pretty disappointed I couldn’t catch the full line-up with Chi Ho (he was down with chicken pox) missing but well, the show must go on and so well it went on! Jenhan & Douglas Lim were totally in their element!


MBSians with Jenhan and Douglas, who’s a SJI-an

Hope to land my hands on some of the videos taken by me and Meng Kheng that night. Mind you, there were lots of announcements asking us not to record but HEY!, Jenhan asked me to do him a favour by at least recording his part. SO.. when an uncle stopped me, gosh, I feel so ‘hurt’ and wanting to turn to him and tell him, I’m helping the comedians out… Ish ish! Of coz I didn’t and just nodded, secretly continuing the recording… LOL! Sad, kena ‘marah’ tak pasal-pasal!