Sunday, September 20, 2009


Useful & Free Softwares

Ever wondered how you could back-up your phone contents? I don’t just mean contacts, but also basic settings and best of all, your messages!


Check out MyPhoneExplorer:


You can create backup, restore backup, load & save SMS onto your computer (auto-archive feature), you can even create/reply/fwd sms via your desktop. Make calls too! All you need are the standard Bluetooth, Infrared or USB Cable to connect and synchronize your phone with the software. Simple to use too :)


A huge fan of Twitter & Facebook? But hate logging onto the websites to check for updates etc, well check out TweetDeck. Then of course, if you’re such huge fan, you should have heard of this application already :) Works for MySpace users too!


Info & Download:


Not a user of Microsoft Office 2007? Constantly need to convert Word files to PDFs? Fret not. Try these:


From the Desktop:
Primo (Free PDF Creator):

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For clothes:
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For custom&hand-made jewelleries:

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