Thursday, May 7, 2009

1 Human Year = 7 Dog Years

Long overdue… but better late than never I’ll say!
This is a post dedicated to my dear doggie!!

17th April… exactly one year ago, Skye, a Maltese + Toy Poodle mix breed was born.

And just 10 months ago, I made that puppy MINE!. Bought it over from my cousin who got it him in Seberang Prai, Penang after spending just 1 night with him. I was only supposed to play with the 2-month-old puppy for 3D2N.

Anyway, to put a long story short, my cousin decided to sell him (‘coz she eyed a Chow Chow) and I jumped at the chance. It’s been years since I last have a dog. I was excited. These are some of the first few pictures I took of my dear lil’ pup.

DSC00605 DSC00606 DSC00608

At 2 months old!

He was since renamed Shawtee (or Shorty) because of his short limbs and small stature (lol… like owner je i know)! Didn’t even knew his name was Skye until I finally got his birth cert/vaccination card from my cousin.

These pictures show the different ‘looks’ he’s don past 1 year… From cute teddy bear, to shaggy dog, to the oh-my-god ugly chihuahua (no offense to ChiHuaHua owners) look-a-like and the current state that he is now…

 After first grooming session!

Shaggy mode! Cutest time! But also most troublesome period as his fur gets tangled sooo easily!

DSC00185 DSC00188

Which resulted in him getting shaved to this state, looking like a… dunno wat! Ugly’s the new name! LOL. Just kidding. Still lovin’ him!

Despite he’s naughty, cheeky, hyperactive, loves to nibble, and actually behaves very much like a young toddler, I love him and so does my family, although they complain quite a bit bout his hyper nature :)

DSC00187 How to not love la?? So cute right ;p

That is why, i feel extremely saddened when there are cruel individuals out there that treat dogs (or any other animals) as if their life does not matter! What’s the frustration?? READ BELOW


Don’t these people who’s responsible for this have a heart??

Probably it’s up their a$$!