Sunday, March 1, 2009

Quick Updates

Been busy at work thus the lack of updates. So yea, a quick one!


  • My dad’s been discharged from UMMC since last Tuesday (24/2/09). I help him with the ‘check out’ immediately after i’m done with my 2nd interview in UM’s Dept of Orthopaedic Surgery. Dad’s doing well thus far so everything is looking good :) Thank you all for the well wishes (via blog / calls / text messages). Appreciate your concern.
  • Another good news is, guess what, I got selected for the Research Associate position in UM. Amazingly, i got the job offer on that evening itself after my 2nd interview. Was so surprised. However, honestly, i’m still in doubt whether to accept the offer or not. Awaiting the official papers so that i can decide after getting to know and understand all the terms and conditions that comes with the work. Thank goodness I’ll only start in May if i accept the job. Hopefully the T&C’s all good and not too much to my disadvantages. Then prolly I can accept with open hand and be officially employed.

K, more on these later. Need to go zzz now and get ready for work tomorrow @ Skytrex! Been having a busy month!!?!


TJ said...

congrats aunty, tis a good offer if u're into working though~

Mayz said...

LOL. Who is into working wan???

Michael Yip said...

congrates on your posting.

Mayz said...

Thanx Mike!