Saturday, May 3, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - The Grand Finale

* post filled with pictures/slides and videos*
*quality may be compromised*
*please bear with me*
*i was more busy checking out the runway & performances then actually paying attention to my camera*

By now, i'm sure you know the results to MDG already. Just in case you've been stuck under some 'coconut shell' (katak di bawah tempurung), the results can be found HERE. 'Nuff have been said regarding to the outcome of Malaysia's First Online Reality-Series Model Search... I shall not elaborate. Whatever happened, let bygones be bygones (^_^)

My camera's SD Card and battery failed me towards the end of the MDG Grand Finale [Catch Episode 17 & 18
HERE]. Darn... should have brought along all my SD Cards (16 MB, 32 MB, 128 MB, 2 GB). Yet to receive photos from my friend, Andrew.

I had to delete Ash Nair & Murat's performance to make space for pics and vids of the 11 girls (one of the finalist, Jean didn't show up... quoting Elaine Daly "she dropped out")

Ash Nair of Malaysian Idol 2 fame and Murat, one of 2008's Cleo Most Eligible Bachelor Finalists. Murat's profile can be seen HERE

The show started off with Dennis Yin of So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) fame performing a solo dance. I believe he danced to one of Rain's song (correct me if i'm wrong) and also to so-very-famous-i-love-the-song-so-much One Republic's Apologize.


Song #1) Purple Line by Korean group Dong Ban Shin Ki or TVXQ
Song #2) Apologize by One Republic

The emcee for the night turned out to be Elaine Daly instead of Sazzy Falak (i wonder why...). The judges Kenny Sia [blog] & Lim Jimmy were there too but they don't judge or decide the outcome of that night. Anyway, the main thing i looked forward to was of course the runway fashion shows.

(L-R): Kenny Sia, Elaine Daly, Lim Jimmy

My choice --> FIQA!! She looked great. When i first tune into MDG, she's the one who caught my eye. Her make-over was one of the best (if not the best). Based on her name, i think she's of Malay-Chinese parentage. Did she mention anything in the show? 'Coz i didn't actually watch MDG from the beginning... started somewhat later (0_0).

Fiqa - My Personal Fave Choice for the MDG Title
*she being picked to start off the runway for each clothing line says a lot*

Too bad, she got eliminated in earlier rounds (Top 7 i believe...). I actually teared upon seeing her being voted out! Goodness, i'm so dramatic.

Ok, enough about my personal choice being Fiqa and why i think she should be in the Finale (i'm sure many out there would agree with me on this, and on how great she looked that night) instead of you-know-who-the-name-shall-not-be-mentioned. Let's jump straight to the fashion show. I must say, some of the clothes / dresses / gowns displayed that night must be some of the greatest designs i've seen in KL! I especially HEART Von Jolly's creation.

Von Jolly

Carven Ong

Winnie Liew
*classy working apparels*

Karl Ng

Women's Secret
*cute & comfy*

For more photos of the finalists, click on the following links or head straight to My Slide.

Gosh.. i'm tired already. One last video for you. I likey the theme song. Any idea who sings the song? Will post some of the videos i took when i have the chance. Or maybe never. *LOL*