Sunday, April 20, 2008

It Hurts... Real Bad

I think i'm on the verge of being a klutz.
Either that, or, i really am in a streak of bad luck... Please, STOP! I'm losing it!

Definition of KLUTZ:
n. Slang

1. A clumsy person.
2. A stupid person

A few days ago, when i was getting down from my bed, i somehow slipped on the stairs and almost fell flat on my face (0_0) Luckily i manage to grab hold of something... but i still bruise myself pretty badly on the thigh.

Bruise on thigh

Then yesterday (18/4), while i was working in the lab, trying to open up this huge metal tin (ala huge biscuit tin) containing organic solvents, i somehow cut myself on the wrist, NEAR A BLOOD VESSEL! Luckily it wasn't deep enough to cause a blood spat. NO, i wasn't attempting to deliberately hurt myself or commit suicide!!

Cut on wrist near the blood vessel

What else? Today, while i was up in Fraser's Hills for a day trip with my buddies (pictures / stories / travelogue later...), i lost something precious! VERY PRECIOUS! (-_-,) I'm so gonna hate myself for losing it... Not to mention it's quite costly ($$$ flies). I shall not reveal in the blog la what i lost... 'coz i darn sad. Sad can die! K, i'm gonna go lament over my loss now...