Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Equation

Do you know that...

Hectic Schedule + Project and/or Study Stress = On The Brink of Insanity

Well, now you know!

And i'm a living proof of that... even my biological clock have gone haywired!

The signs...
  • Weird sleep + awake time
    • Imagine.. wake up at 7am ish.. reach Uni/Lab by 8am.. retired at 5 or 6pm.. reaches home only at 7pm ish, providing traffic congestion is non-existent).. And despite feeling very exhausted, i can only roll myself to sleep. Average sleeping time - after 1am! And wake up call at 6.45am!
    • I can still go and play 2 hours ++ of badminton after a long day in the laboratory, inhaling and having contact with volatile chemicals.
    • Look at the time i'm actually typing this entry and posting it! I'm still awake despite waking up at 6.45am, went for class from 8 - 10am, did lab work till 5.30pm, and played badminton from 6 - 8.30pm ++, finalizing my assignment, etc...

  • Untidy or very dry (dah la my hair cukup dry...) hair
  • Sunken or dark circles around eyes
    • Coz literally, no time to bother so much about the appearances.

  • Me drinking coffee or Brand's Chicken Essence
    • Could be at any time of the day.
    • Note:
      • I'm not a caffeine-addict. Drinks it only when i need to stay alert... yes, it does work... at least for a while. Tea doesn't do it for me.
      • Why Chicken Essence? My mom says it's good... so juz listen and drink.

  • I talk crazy... or totally quiet / serious for no apparent reasons.

Arrgh, help me! I'm in need of a break in routine! Pls, suggestions needed!


Jin said...

at least you have classes to wake you up. No need self discipline.
At least you know what to do at times.
At least you know lecturers to help (I suppose)
I have to work 24/7 but nothing keeps me awake. Sometimes when I'm awake, I don't now what to do. Ie how to design. Ie if the tutors will like it.
Appreciate it, you're not the worst!
A smile in the morning helps. =)

Mayz said...

yeah, trying to heed ur advice and stay as positive as i could ;)